Monday, February 1, 2010


I was sitting at my PC, doing not much of anything since I've got a headache, when I suddenly heard an owl hooting. Since I live in the suburbs, this isn't exactly an everyday occurrence, and since I love the sound of owls hooting I stepped out the back door to hear it better. While I was looking for the owl (a great horned owl, by the sound of it), I saw a large, bright falling star, which streaked due west from almost directly overhead. I love shooting stars, too, and this one would have been worth sitting outside and waiting for, but there it was, right when I stepped out of my door. Then the owl took off from its perch in a nearby tree and flew nearly overhead, an indistinct shadow against the dark blue sky, on its way to the neighbors' yard and beyond.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I'll be getting up early and trudging out to my day job, with the whole work-week ahead of me. But tonight is a night of stars and owls.