Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Halfway point

I hadn’t figured on doing National Novel Writing Month again, but I happened to be re-starting my current novel (having scrapped yet another beginning) right around the end of October, and decided that at this point fifty thousand words (which ought to be the halfway point since I'm shooting for a total of 100K) would seem enough of an accomplishment to be worth the trouble even if the result was unsalvageably bad (as my previous two NaNo novels were).  I hit the 50K goal, and while it’s certainly not great writing, at least it’s finally telling the story I wanted to tell.

This time I decided to try something new (for me), and have been writing with a pen in a notebook rather than typing.  Some writers say that using pen and paper improves their thought process, makes the words flow better, produces better-crafted prose, etc., but I’m finding the only noticeable effect has been to slow me down.  I’m still planning to finish this draft on paper, and save the typing for the second draft, but I doubt I’ll be doing this again on any future novels.