Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New project

I’m writing again.  Well, more or less.  I haven’t got back up to full speed, but that’s not unexpected with a new project.  Actually it’s something of an old project -- I’ve started rewriting a novella I wrote about six years ago.  This is my second attempt at rewriting/revising it (the last attempt didn’t get anywhere).  I expect it to end up as a short story, rather than a novella--which would probably be a good thing, since I have the impression that novellas are particularly difficult to sell.

This one’s being rewritten from scratch, in the sense that I’m writing a new version without even looking at the old one.  Right now I’m working on the beginning, and realizing I may not have a strong enough idea of the setting.

Okay, technically right now what I’m doing is writing a blog post, obviously, and trying to stay awake (I’ve just made coffee).  But you get the idea.

Also, I seem to be over the flu.