Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What I do when I’m not writing

I had a blog on another site for a while, which I kept primarily on the theory that if I made semi-regular posts announcing the progress I’d made on my novel, I’d be sufficiently embarrassed by my “zero progress” posts that I’d step up and get some work done.

It worked (for the most part), and I finished the novel.  Finding myself thus between projects, I decided on a brief hiatus in order to get some other stuff done (such as cleaning my studio), and I shut down the old blog at the same time.

I figured I’d get the new blog started early, partly so that I could announce a getting-back-to-writing date (the most effective self-imposed deadlines are the publicized ones), but mostly because I’ve had time to do things like get my Blogger account functional.  (I’m still experimenting with the layout and design aspects, so bear with me for a while).

In mid-October I'll settle on my next project and start writing again; that gives me just under a month to clean out my studio and garage, get my hard drive semi-organized, and work on a number of other little non-writing projects.  I was planning to do some new work for an art show that’s happening in October, but the time’s getting kind of short on that and my studio area is currently unusable.  So we’ll see.